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Anti Lost Wrist Link Baby Toddler


Anti Lost Wrist Link Baby Toddler

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Anti Lost Wrist Link Baby Toddler | Child Safety Strap Velcro | Wristband Leash
About the product
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Imported
  • ★ No More Anxiety! This Anti Lost Wrist Link helps keep your child at a safe distance of up to 70.8 inches, which is important for their safety and your peace of mind. You’ll be able to focus on making the day run smoothly instead of keeping up with your toddler! Add the item to your cart to view our promotion! 
  • ★ Easy to Use! Just loosen the larger wrist strap by pulling it open once for the adult and then resecuring it. For the toddler, the velcro strap is double layered so that the toddler does not have an easy time removing it from their wrist.
  • ★ Optimal Comfort! The Toddler Wrist Safety Harness uses moisture wicking neoprene and organic cotton for padding to keep the experience enjoyable for extended use. The velcro that we use is anti pricking and will not leave painful imprints.
  • ★ Durability for Long Term Usage! Our Anti-Lost Wrist Harness uses high strength steel wire, anti-pricking velcro, and and stainless steel to ensure that the quality can withstand many uses.
  • ★ Very Compact! Our Safety Harness for Toddlers can be easily stored in purse, diaper bag, child’s backpack, or stroller!

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