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Automatic Locking AC Power Cord 5-15P to C13


Automatic Locking AC Power Cord 5-15P to C13

Product No.:QP3/QT3L

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 Automatic Locking AC Power Cord, 5-15P to C13

5-15P Male end to C13 Automatic Locking Female end

Automatic Locking cables offer a quick, secure connection without the need for additional locking hardware. The C13 end locks into C14-equipped hardware, removing the hazard of an accidental disconnection. This unique locking mechanism is located in the ground socket and disconnects with the slide a red tab on the connector. 

Approvals: UL, CSA, RoHS
Supply End - 5-15P
Equipment End - IEC-60320-C13 Automatic Locking

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